• Airmesh Film
Airmesh 300 is a high tensile, open structure, air permeable knitted polyester yarn with a white digitally printable PVC coating on both sides. It is ideal for printed high resolution single or double sided images displayed indoors and in high strength outdoor applications whereby wind, light transfer & visibility are required. The PVC film is bonded with the fabric using a chemical process which maintains optimum fabric strength & prevents premature de-lamination whilst maintaining a formulation which is easy to print, finish and install.
PVC film lam-coated to high tensile knitted polyester yarn
Main Applications:
Hoardings, fencing, general banners requiring a small hole allowing extra ink coverage.
Frontlit, excellent strength & layflat, smooth surface, uniform hole size, printable 2 sides.
Reliable print & finishing capabilities with optimum durability & strength
Surface Treatment:
Ink receptive lacquer
Anti-static, UV stabilized, Fire Retardant"

Airmesh Film

AIRMESH 300 300GSM FILM 54" (1370MM)
Inc. GST: $249.70
Ex. GST: $227.00
AIRMESH 300 300GSM FILM 62" (1600MM)
Inc. GST: $292.60
Ex. GST: $266.00
AIRMESH 300 300GSM FILM 70" (1800MM)
Inc. GST: $328.90
Ex. GST: $299.00
AIRMESH 300 300GSM LINED FILM 54" (1370MM x 50M)
Inc. GST: $317.90
Ex. GST: $289.00
AIRMESH 300 300GSM LINED FILM 62" (1600MM x 50M)
Inc. GST: $370.70
Ex. GST: $337.00
AIRMESH 220 220GSM FILM 63" (1600MM)
Inc. GST: $280.50
Ex. GST: $255.00
AIRMESH 220 220GSM FILM 70" (1800MM)
Inc. GST: $314.60
Ex. GST: $286.00
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