• HP PVC-Free Wallpaper 175gsm

HP PVC-Free Wallpaper 175gsm produces long lasting, bold wall decorations in full high-definition detail and is easily applied up and comes down with water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Weight: 175gsm
  • Colour: White
  • Finish: Smooth matt
  • Ink technology: Latex
  • Odourless and PVC-free that's easier to dispose of than most PVC‑based substrates
  • Vivid color, high-definition detail
  • Over 60 years indoor display permanence
  • Prepaste facilitates easy application
  • Strippable and easy to remove with a HP warranty
  • Mold, mildew, flame and water resistant
  • Low chemical emissions and FSC certified
  • Applications: Wall murals, creative design applications

HP PVC-Free Wallpaper 175gsm

HP PVC-FREE WALLPAPER 175GSM 42" (1067MM x 30.5M)
Inc. GST: $234.30
Ex. GST: $213.00
HP PVC-FREE WALLPAPER 175GSM 54" (1372MM x 30.5M)
Inc. GST: $362.11
Ex. GST: $329.19
HP PVC-FREE WALLPAPER 175GSM 54" (1372MM x 91.4M)
Inc. GST: $859.39
Ex. GST: $781.26
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